The Blues goes RED

Every year around the end of the summer vacation, a select group of people all clothe themselves in one particular color to avoid post-tournament(s) depression. Over the years we have seen them wear a traditional blue,a flamboyant pink,a royal orange, a mellow yellow, a rejuvenating green and a presently purple. These people traditionaly throw circular shaped plastic over pitches of grass and sand to one another and rejoiced in sun and rain to play the awesome game of Ultimate Frisbee.
This year The Blues HAT returns once more and in this years' edition we will be going RED! Like last year we will have a 2-day HAT tournament and like previous years we arranged beds for you, so no need to drag out your tent and sleeping bag! We hope to see you (again) on the Sportcampus in Zwolle this summer!

The Blues goes Red!
18-19 August 2018
Sportcampus de Pelikaan Zwolle
Playerfee: €65,-

- 4v4 Beach ultimate on Saturday
- Dinner in Zwolle
- Party in the city center of Zwolle!
- Overnight accommodation (no need to bring tents or sheets!)
- Sunday breakfast
- Ultimate matches (5v5 grass) throughout the day
- Sunday lunch
- Prizes and glory for some lucky winners!
- Lots and lots of fun!

For an impression of 'The Blues' watch this video made by Thomas Lievestro at the Blues goes Orange!

Please register as soon as possible via our registrationform.

For more info on this tournament, see our Facebook event

Hope to see you there!